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   Src ID   Title, Author 
1 S04070 "230"notes
2 S04072 "Cozad Family, The"
Clerissa H. Tatterson 
3 S04016 Birth Certificate
4 S04032 Book: The Cossairt Family
5 S04033 Book: The Cossairt Family - data sent to me by Dorothy Sprague
6 S04034 Book: The Cossairt Family - excerpt sent to me by Dorothy Sprague
7 S04073 Boyd Swisher notes
Boyd L. Swisher 
8 S04035 Bradley Cousineau
9 S04036 Carol Lofberg Dunn
10 S04037 Cleveland and Its Environs, Volume 3, page 462
11 S04038 Commemorative Biographical Reocrd of Washington Co., PA (Chigago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1893)
12 S04039 Cossart Outline sent to me by Bernard A. Clark
13 S04080 Cossart.FTW
14 S04096 Cossart2.FTW
15 S04040 Cozad webpage online
16 S04074 Dale Pence notes
Dale Pence 
17 S04041 Death Certificate
18 S04042 Early Marriage Records from the WASHINGTON REPORTER
19 S04043 Genalogy of Descendants of Samuel & Anne Clark Cozad by Oliver Lindley Cozad 1896
20 S04075 Hartzel Strader notes
Hartzel Guy Strader 
21 S04044 James E. Nickless
22 S04045 Jeanine Bass
23 S04076 Jim Halterman website
Jim Halterman 
24 S04046 John Jackson posting on Athens Co. Genweb page
25 S04047 Joyce K. Nickless
26 S04077 Kellea Lewis notes
Kellea Lewis 
27 S04078 Ken Post
28 S04048 Kenneth Lofberg
29 S04049 Lively Family History written by Hattie Manerva Lively
30 S04050 Lofberg Family Tree
31 S04051 Marriage Index CD for Ohio
32 S04079 Morris Braum notes
Morris Braum 
33 S04052 Newspaper Clipping
34 S04053 Obituary of Benjamin Roback
35 S04054 Obituary of George D. Clark
36 S04055 Pedigree Chart from LDS internet site
37 S04056 Phyllis Kniffen
38 S04057 Raymond M. Bell Anthology - Genealogy in Washington Co., PA
39 S04068 Roane Co. 1900 Census
40 S04069 Roane Co. Register of Births
41 S04058 Sarah Holliday
42 S04059 Sharon Walton sent to me by Bryan Knight
43 S04015 Simeon Hastings Descendents.FTW
44 S04060 Social Security Death Index
45 S04061 Steve Williams
46 S04062 Susan Allison-Willmott (posted on Van Nest Genforum website)
47 S04063 U.S. & International Marriage Records 1340-1980 CD
48 S04064 U.S. & International Marriage Records 1560-1900 CD
49 S04065 WFT vol 17
50 S04066 WFT Vol 26
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